Kale to the rescue!

Eight months ago, I made a personal decision to jump into the fascinating world of healthy nutrition and eating clean.  Since 1990, I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian …. which means no meat, fish, turkey and chicken.  And in April of this year, I made the leap into whole foods, plant-based eating….also known as vegan.

This changed my life.  Kale to the rescue!

The results have been amazing.  Not just the physical results, but the mental and emotion results are incredible as well.   Life seems so much simpler now.

Stress fades away.  New goals and new challenges present themselves in amazing ways.  I’ve found my path…. and it is exactly what I needed to do.

As the saying goes:  “Change your plate.  Change your fate.”

Be well,

Vegan Dee


One response to this post.

  1. Wow that is incredible. I have been vegetarian for a little while, but I probably eat vegan like 90% of the time and I have never felt better.


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